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Be a part of my live video recording!

Blue House Studios, Kensington, MD


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9th - 8-10pm

Can't make it but want to help? Click here to donate any amount!

<---- Bring a friend and get a special price for two!

To raise funds and awareness for my upcoming album, I'm inviting a small group of supporters to participate as the audience in an *exclusive* live EP and video recording!  I'm so excited to welcome you to be a part of the beginning stages of my second album, which has been a long time coming!  There are ONLY 40 SEATS available, so think fast and think love.  As you think about it, please understand that the proceeds are to help me pay for the studio time and the musicians who will be working with me.  It's only with your presence and support that I will be able to make this video happen, so thank you so very much for considering.  As we all do at some point or another in our lives, I had a very difficult couple of years.  And the album had to be put on hold.  But now I'm ready to put it into full-gear and I'm so happy to have the collaboration of some AMAZING friends and artists.  To name a few:  Rafael Pondé, Fernando Saci, Alberto Salgado, Christylez Bacon, Jean-Francis Varre, Marcelo Miranda, TJ Turqman and more.  I am so blessed to have such amazingly talented friends and band mates!  We are coming together to film a promo EP, it will be a live video and audio recording with a few of my new songs and maybe a special cover or two.  These are brand new and mostly unheard songs and arrangements.  And you'll be the first to experience them!  More info to come soon and you'll have more if you've already signed up for my mailing list.  If you haven't please do so here to get up-to-date info of what's happening in my musical world.  Thank you for taking this trip with me.  I appreciate your support so much more than words can describe!  Just click on the "buy now" button on the top right to reserve your space today!  <3



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