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Welcome to my brand new blog!

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while, so voila! Here it is. Life is so hectic and I'm preparing for some adventures in 2019 that will hopefully be blog-worthy, but until then here's some insight on what I'll be writing about. Please subscribe to my mailing list to keep getting updates about my shows and my new posts, my subscribers get special perks and treats, early invitations, pre-listening invites and more!

Hobbies Galore!

Did you know that I have way too many hobbies? Seriously, it's a problem, like an addiction that gets in the way of my productivity. If music wasn't a large enough endeavor, I'm also really into video and film-making, creating natural soaps and body butters, traveling (mostly for music), whole food plant based diet and recipes, yoga, alternative homeschooling my son, environmental issues and woodworking...wait a minute...did you say woodworking?

It all started when I decided that making a bed-frame from scratch for (and with) my older son would be a good idea. I'm bonkers right? I know, I hear it all the time. Anyway, as I was saying about the bed-frame. Check out how it happened, we went from a bunch of pieces of wood from the big box store to a finished bed. Not "bed" right? ha ha... I took a plan from a website I would like to mention but I can't remember it for the life of me! There were no real instructions, just some drawings and some measurements. I liked the design and started cutting. Those angled cuts were crazy, and I used a lot of brad nails and wood glue.

Nowadays I'm mostly interested in experimenting with salvaged wood but I made some more cool stuff after that, including a beautiful and great sounding (at least that's what Saci my percussionist said) birch plywood cajon. I copied mine from an old one he asked me to renovate for him. I had to reface the front and found a nice wood shop near the house with gorgeous plywood. Here's a before/after shot I posted to my instagram. Sadly, since then I had to sell my house due to some financial hardships and my workshop is currently a big mess pile in my mom's garage I need to go clean up. But stay tuned for blog posts about those (or so I hope).

What else to Expect

I don't have a master plan in starting this blog, but I hope to find some consistency as I struggle with that, and to make some connections with folks with similar interests. I'm interested in learning and sharing with you every day. Some of the subjects you can expect to see are Brazilian music and musicians (duh), beginner woodworking projects, instrument construction, travel experiences, any kind of alternative wellness methods, and anything else my Excessive Hobby Disorder can provide! I hope you stay in touch and keep reading. Até logo!

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